To be a forefront institution providing excellent learning platforms for youth to build capacities to fit into God’s plan for their lives.


We commit ourselves to inspire our young girls and boys to achieve great academic performance, to create in them a passion for godliness and a broad based attitude for learning using today’s teaching techniques.


Our educational philosophy is crafted around our perceived 4 quadrants of life, namely; The human Intellect,The human Soul, the physical human body and the Spirit man. The four quadrants add up in making any human being complete. We therefore focus on sharpening these quadrants in our learners lives. ...

The human intellect is crucial in education as it stimulates the inquisitive part of the brain to push beyond the boundaries of what is known in human excellence. We push the intel inside.

The human soul deals with matters of the heart like the emotional stability. Because our learners learn how to take charge of their emotions, they aren’t swerved negatively. They are taught to be always proactive rather than being reactive in any given situation they find themselves. You will learn to be that.

The Spirit man, is one which connects with God. When a man’s spirit is not ‘sired with a hot iron’, it is alive and it is only when the spirit is alive that purpose is realized. We teach our learners to connect spiritually with the source of knowledge and wisdom to excel.

Finally, but not the least, is the human physical body without which none of the above can work. Being the warehouse of everything, the body must be fit, agile and healthily maintained to house the other quadrants. In order to achieve this, we ensure right exercises through sports, right diets and right relaxation of the bodies of all our learners. Sporting is a must here. These put together, keep keep our learners in the right frame to be what God wants them to be. This is what it means to us in developing a total child.



  • Balance
  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Courage
  • Character

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