We are on the throes of another Landmark; Approval for WAEC/NECO Center

Following the Ministry of Education assessment and approval of the WAEC/NECO exams center in our school, arrangements are in top gear to register with the two examination boards for our students who will be eligible to sit for the exams next year. The decision to qualify and register our school early is to put to rest agitations of our students and parents who may tend to see this as a huge hurdle for the school while it is not.

This is not the first time we have surmounted such challenges even as a small growing school. We were able beat all the hurdles on our way to getting a center registration for BECE in our school few years ago. With just a few students to sit for BECE, we pulled the strings to beat the deadline for the registration to give our students the chance sit for BECE in our school. Our zero tolerance for exams malpractices will never under any circumstance allow us to take our external exams outside of the school. For this, we are willing to do anything within our means.