School Security Monitoring Ramped up as CCTV Surveillance Installed

As a very ambitious and security conscious boarding school in the heart of Benue state, one of our basic concern is to have a water tight- security system that guarantees security and safety of our students, staff and the visiting parents. To consummate this desire, we have of recent installed CCTV cameras at strategic angles to provide an all-round coverage of the entire school on time, real time. This is in addition to the engagement of guardsmen from an independent security outfit.

The beauty of this CCTV surveillance system is that, it does not only cover the school premises but also the classrooms, the lobby and the car park. With this coverage, everything comes directly under our purview to address very promptly. We can monitor teacher/learner behavior in the classrooms without necessarily going upstairs. And now that students have known that we can see them in their study rooms, concentration has increased.

In the area of zero tolerance to bullying, the CCTV surveillance system is of immense benefit to us as there is no hiding place for anyone with bully mentality. This audacious project is coming at the heels of our school computerization project which was completed late last year. These and many other projects are lined up to put us in the better position to introduce the British curriculum into our academic calendar this year. These are also the basic facilities required to take us to the next level toward achieving our vision as a school. As we have pitched our tent here we shall not leave any stone unturned to make our mark on the educational canvass of the state, by the grace of God Almighty.